Astrology & Human Design Readings

This is a one-time purchase for a chart reading. All readings come with a personalized PDF and a detailed video walkthrough of your chart. 

  • Choose Astrology for a full birth chart reading using the Placidus system. 
  • Choose Mini Astrology for a focused reading. Areas of focus include Shadow work, life path/purpose, unique patterns in your chart/chart overview, love, money, career, or any other areas you'd like to focus on.  
  • Choose North & South Nodes for a nodal reading that includes tangible information you can use to walk through your biggest lessons in this life... what you need to walk away from, what you need to walk toward, and how.
  • Choose Human Design for a detailed reading focusing on your unique energy profile and how to tap into your intuition. Main topics include your Type, Strategy, Authority, Centers, Channels, and Incarnation Cross.
  • Choose Oracle* for a card reading on a specific question or area of focus. *These do not include PDF or video - delivered via voice note + text. 
  • Choose The Spiritual Molotov for a patterned reading including both Astrology and Human design, a detailed analysis of crossovers between the two charts, and an in-depth Oracle Card reading to dive deeper into any patterns that show up.  

Readings will be sent via email, messenger, Voxer, or phone/text as video link + PDF once complete.  Please note it may take a month or longer to receive a reading, depending on the product type and schedule. Please contact me directly via messenger or email for a current time frame.


You will need your birth date, time, and location to complete these readings. The time needs to be as accurate as possible! If you aren't sure, check your birth certificate. 

If you do not know your birth time or aren't positive whether it's accurate, please contact me directly via messenger or email before purchasing a reading. 

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 Astrology - Individual Birth Chart Reading
 $175.00 USD
 Mini Astrology - Area of Focus Birth Chart Reading
 $85.00 USD
 Astrology - North & South Nodes
 $75.00 USD
 Human Design - Individual Chart Reading
 $85.00 USD
 The Spiritual Molotov (Astrology, HD, and Oracle reading)
 $297.00 USD
 Oracle Reading
 $100.00 USD

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