MANIFEST Membership

You are here because you KNOW you were born for more.

You are here because you're ready to unleash your potential.

You know about manifestation, you're deep into personal development, and you know your intuition is there to guide you.

But... what now?

How do we implement this stuff? How do we LIVE the life we desire?

How do we transition from DREAMS to REALITY?

Manifest is a verb. It's about attraction + ACTION.

This membership will provide everything you need to know about alignment & attraction, but I'm willing to bet you've already heard most of it. 

We will do energy work together around moon cycles, we'll do intention setting, we'll deep-dive into your *truest* desires... you'll get every ounce of support you need.

But you have to be ready for action.

Sometimes that action looks like taking a difficult step toward your desires. Sometimes it looks like rest. Sometimes it's making a phone call, sometimes it's putting in long hours, sometimes it's "simply" surrendering and allowing your blessings to come in.

Manifestation is up to you, but MANIFEST is here to deeply support you along the way.


You know this is meant for you.

You know it can be easy.

You just need some guidance, and a community that has your back.

Here it is.

::What you get::

🔥24/7 group access - when you need support, it's in your pocket.

💗 The intimate, scheduled calls you'd expect from group coaching... But with membership pricing

🌀Rolling enrollment (join or leave when it feels right for YOU)

💫Powerful relationships with inspiring, badass manifestors who are ready to claim the lives they desire

This is NOT for you if:

💡You don't have any interest in manifesting intuitively or energetically (that can mean whatever you want it to!)

💡You want to learn, but aren't ready to implement (I have an upcoming course for this, but as a group we need forward action to support each other)

💡You're looking for the next thing, the fast ticket or the easy pill. It CAN be easy, but it takes work!

This IS for you if:

🤙You are READY to claim what you desire

🤙You want to connect with others who are doing the same

🤙You're willing to trust yourself - your gut, your intuition, and your action

Bonus points if you have BIG IDEAS you've held back on because you're playing by the rules.

THIS is the break you're looking for.

Are you ready to take action?

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