POWER Course - $197

This is where you come to reclaim your life. 

Here’s the thing -- until we powerfully detach from the expectations of society to live our lives the way we've been taught, we can't fulfill our purpose here on this earth.

POWER has been designed to help you shift out of what you should do and shift IN to what you were born to do.

POWER is where you identify your desires. What YOU, and only you, truly want out of life. 

If you believe you were meant for MORE...

That if you could just shake off the weight of others' expectations...

If you only had more support...

That if you just had the time, the guidance, the answers...

That there is something out there for you that is so much bigger than *this*...

This course was built for you. 

This is where you reclaim YOUR life. 

This is where you shift from victim to warrior.

This is where you learn to listen to the guidance of your own soul.

This is where you become exactly what you've always needed.

Ready to powerfully step into your next level of freedom? 

What you get:

- Tools you can implement *instantly* to shift your life in major ways
- Guided meditation
- POWERFUL writing exercises & activities
- Clear guidance on accessing and using your intuition
- Introduction to using chakra work, astrology, and human design for self empowerment
- Audio, video, and text modules to absorb material in your own time
- Lifetime access - these are tools you can use over and over again through all of life's inevitable transitions. 

This is not talk therapy. This is not a place where we expect to see gradual results over a number of years.

This is a collection of implementable practices that will shift your life instantly. With lifetime access, you'll be able to revisit and use these tools anytime you find yourself off track.

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6 Modules

Creating Space

"Creating Space" - How to START and SEE THROUGH the course! 

Connecting With Your "Why"

Establishing deep, empowered commitment to your desires.

Root Connection

Building an unwavering foundation that allows us to make decisions from POWER, security, and safety.


Boundaries are the key to embodied empowerment. Without firm boundaries, we can easily become enmeshed with others, causing us to fall away from our unique identities and desires, focus on others, and neglect our own needs.

Emotional Processing / Solar Plexus

Emotional processing is absolutely necessary in a state of empowerment. Emotions are not only beneficial (yes, even the "bad" ones), they're unavoidable... and they affect your physical body and your intuitive process in a major way! Integrating processing skills in your daily life allows you to take advantage of the messages emotions are delivering, without overwhelm or detachment.

The Shift

This is where we take a deep look at ALL of the things holding you back and begin to shift forward with new beliefs and habits that will propel you into the life you truly desire

Modules for this product 6
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