Power & Purpose - 6 Month 1:1

I see you

Waking up, starting today's routine. Rinse, repeat

I feel you, in the pit of your stomach. That empty gut feeling. Like there is something bigger out there for you.

You stay busy, so maybe you forget about it through most of the day.

But I see you lying awake at night.

I see you getting diagnosed with depression or generalized anxiety, because no one seems to be able to pinpoint where these feelings are coming from.

No, I'm not watching you like a creepy stalker - I see you because I WAS you.

The gut brain connection has a lot of insight to offer if we know how to listen.

It will tell us when we're out of alignment. When we aren't living in our purpose or fully embodying the truth of our highest self.

And we're born into a world that tells us exactly how to live - a culture that indoctrinates particular styles of education, jobs, routines, and lifestyles that are unlikely to be fully aligned with who you are and what you are here on this earth to do.

It's not your fault, and it's no coincidence that SO MANY PEOPLE experience this. We aren't taught how to connect with our highest selves and discover what is best for our unique minds, bodies, and souls.

But it is up to you to acknowledge, identify, and seek resolution to this problem if you want out.

The Power & Purpose program is an immersive, deep-dive 1:1 program for those who are READY to dredge the gunk and shift into a lighter, higher, purposeful life.

A life that where that gut feeling represents excitement and possibility instead of existential dread

A life where the insomnia only comes because you've opened the floodgates to your purpose and you can't stop CREATING

A life where you feel comfortable in your body. Where you confidently own exactly who you are.

Where you powerfully set boundaries and harness a wealth of energy you didn't even know you had, to focus on the things that light you up.

Where you are constantly rewarded for choosing into your unique truth... in life, in love, in money, and in health.

If you feel drawn to it, it is your time to apply.

This is an immersive 6 month container with limited availability, and when those spots are gone, they're gone. 

Be ready to get magical for this one!

Power & Purpose includes:

  • Bi-weekly deep-dive 1:1 sessions
  • Unlimited Voxer (text/voice/messenger) access
  • Personalized astrology, human design and oracle readings
  • Energy work
  • Guided meditation
  • Personalized gifts to assist in the ascension process
  • Regular intuitive readings
  • Access to ALL existing courses & workshops
  • 6 month membership access to the Sovereign Soul Academy - an amazing soul tribe that includes regular live group meetings and trainings

This 6 month container is $6200 if paid in installments, or $5700 if paid in full.

Stick with me if that's out of your reach - since this only offered to those who are unquestionably the right fit (when we know, we know!!), I offer custom pricing plans and adjustments for this container to meet you where you are. Your growth should stretch you, but I believe the tools you need to step into your power and find your purpose should never be out of reach due to affordability.

Still not sure?

Check out what others have had to say about working through this process! 

Apply now to get started!

*Please note: The application is not a commitment to the Power & Purpose program - it's simply your first step toward exploring your unique purpose in this life. If this program is not the right fit for you, I will make sure you are provided with alternate next steps to move forward on your journey! 

I personally review all applications during the week and you should expect to hear back within a few days. 

If you have any questions about this program before applying, please feel free to reach out at daphne@sovsoul.com

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